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Monday, May 25, 2009


“Here take my hand.
I can help u.
I’ll show u the way,
All the way
Right till the gates
Of u know where;
you’re right, HELL”

Iron bars
Stabbed with ease,
In through the front
Outta the back,
The pain is pleasure,
Ultimate satisfaction;
In trance with the wind
Rockin to music,
Dirty soul
And vile dreams;
No subject
No logic,
A blast in the head
World swirling
Bringin memories
Of sweet childhood
Of bugs killed and holes peeped
Of several lies and envy blues
Of a hundred affairs
And a single love
Lost too;
Misty eyes,
Bleeding heart,
Numb mind,
Oblivion inviting-
On my way
With the

Porter Of Hell.



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