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Monday, May 25, 2009


These walls cage my thoughts.

Something in my mind

Is desperate to explode.


It wants to carry me away,

Lift me off the ground

And fly me away

To a heaven

Where no wings are required to fly.


I am told to be focused

But this thing is all I

Can focus on.

I am told to concentrate

But a perfect chaos is my dream;

To be so free

That the soul knows not the body,

That thoughts are bound not in the mind

Nor beats in hearts.

Where speed is not a limit.

Where time plays no role.

Where imagining be creating

And devastation never ending.


Where all the world is me

In me, by me!


Where I destroy

At the spark of anger.

Where I conduct the symphony

Of thunders


The direction of winds

Where the waves rise as high as I lift them

And volcanoes are as hot I heat them.

Where the earth quakes

At the ruffling of my breath

And time is my puppet


Where I create

With a smile.

All children break into laughter

When I joke.

Where men fall in love

With the beauty I create.

Where flowers bloom

And let loose a perfume

I desire to smell.

Where trees bear my

Favorite fruits.

What will be next,

Only I can tell


Where there’s only me,

Just me,

Nothing else.

I create, I destoy.

I live, I die.

I am time, I am doom.

I am heaven as well as hell

I am all, all is me

I am Almighty!


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