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Monday, May 25, 2009


I have treasured
Every small incident,
Every big memory;
All that had happened,
All that we want to be.

Every dash towards the phone
Every long chat;

Every mom-picked call
Every excuse made;

Every time you laughed at a joke
Every time you marveled at a fact;

Every juicy piece of gossip
Every heated debate;

Every outrageous word
Every raised eyebrow;

Every read thought
Every shy denial;

Every whispered word
Every prolonged quiet;

Every hour of patient wait
Every reward of your sweet face;

Every side glance
Every ill-mannered stare;

Every brush of shoulder
Every walk with hands held;

Every time I said I love you
Every time you said you don’t;

Every time you wanted to say yes
Every time you kept quiet;

Every time you said you love me
Every skipped heart beat;

Every promise of faith
Every plea to go away;

Every time I made you cry
Every time I felt criminal;

Every song dedicated
Every poem inspired;

Every time I thought of you
Every time I breathed.

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