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Monday, May 25, 2009


Love is a lesson of betrayal-
So much to expect,
So less to give.

I am sorry,
I wanna hurt you
But you know
I am no God.
To forgive you
I must forget you-
Something, no matter
How hard I try,
I cannot do.
I wish you well.
Go away if that’s
What you want
But I wanna make
U feel what I felt-
This very life
Can be hell!

I so readily
Gave up so much
To prove my love;
When it was
Your turn,
You so readily
Gave up my love.

Right from the start
You were free;
I never asked of you
To love me.
It was you
Who’d repeat
You love me, and
When you saw
I had reached a stage
Where so painfully
My heart would break,
How could you just
Ask me to go away?!

You made me believe
Love lasts forever
And you tell me
It takes a couple of days
To forget your lover!

I am sorry
I can’t do
What you say-
Can’t let you go,
Can’t see you go away;
If my loving you
Gives you pain
I am sorry,
I wanna hurt you, again.

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