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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I am a wild man
With a thirst for thrill
And a heart for danger.
There’s passion in my blood
And dreams in my eyes.
I love my people
But I prefer to
Run alone all night.
The howl of the storm
Is music
And the burning sand
Strong temptation.
I am a wild man
With a desire to fly.
I envy those
That have wings.
I sleep under
The open sky
And travel every night
Past the stars.
I challenge time
And have
Beaten it a few times.
I roar back
When the thunders call.
I compel the Gods
To draw
Their enormous swords.
I am a wild man
And there’s no remorse.
There are a worried people
I have lost love
But I have gained
I wish to go
With a bang,
Not fade away.
I am a wild man,
I wish I were one.

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  1. "I love my people
    But I prefer to
    Run alone all night."

    tis gud....typical Yash !