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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Waist high green grass
Under the sunshine of gold
Running to the distant horizon
And she in a yellow dress.
She- runs like the moon graces
Through clouds,
Tempting, luring.
Her lips silent
And eyes playful
When she glances back at me.
I- stand, hands on hips,
Indignantly, helplessly
Adoring how she
Loves irritating me,
Loving her,
Loving all that she is.
As I turn away in mock anger,
She holds my hand -
She knows this game all too well.
She knows I'll dare not stay away.
She knows how madly I am into her.
So she pulls me close
And hugs me,
Her perfume filling me.
Her hair sparkle in the evening sun.
We - stand there in an embrace,
Brushing cheek against cheek,
Lips against lips.
Her cute nose caresses my neck
As moments become minutes
And patience becomes passion.
Our love is complete
and in that moment
I know
None of this will last long.
There will be separation
And it will be now
And it will be forever
For there is a life other than her
And both can't be one.


  1. cute, very touching, simple, n just , u know, just so like life

    totally beautiful


    love ya

  2. makes a picture in my mind....a cute picture