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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Sometimes when I’m sitting with a blue pen in my hand and a blank black diary in front of me, you can catch me wondering, “What should I write?”

Most of these times, it’s so peaceful around me and inside me. I can feel the warmth of the lazy sunshine falling on the yellowing leaves just opposite to my window. There’s an occasional cry of an agitated infant in the neighborhood or the honking by a cautious bike rider or sometimes the call for prayer from the local mosque carried into my room by a reluctantly blowing breeze and dropped casually into the lap of my conscious thought. But the question remains- “What should I write?”

I am bored of listening to the songs on my playlist and can’t concentrate on my books until I have satiated the thirst of these empty pages. I look around and ruffle the feathers of my winged mind expecting some loosely stuck thoughts, gathered during the past few flights, to tumble down. But it merely returns, “What should I write?”

Now, it’s turning into a frustration. I have so much else to do and yet I have chained myself to these no-profit, empty pages and fruitless echoes in my hollow skull. I must put down something quickly and get over with it. The wind is picking up speed. The sun has lost its charms. The traffic outside is thickening. People are waking up from their afternoon nap. The world is moving on at an accelerated pace and I’m still sitting idly, staring at these stark blank pages of my black diary, licking the inky tip of my blue pen and thinking, “What should I write?”…

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  1. thinking what should i comment to your writing.. it's really beautiful sir...
    loved this...