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Friday, March 26, 2010


How can I look at the world and smile
When I know, the one I love won’t ever be mine?
How can I hold her hand and say, I care
When I know she will turn and leave like I’m not even there?

I will walk away from her life,
I will not be the reason for her smile,
Tomorrow she won’t even remember me,
I guess, this is how it has to be.

I’ve heard, loneliness drives people crazy
But I think I’m gonna get used to it.
If all life has to offer is pain and sorrow,
I’m not gonna make her a part of my tomorrow.

I will walk away from her life,
I will not be the reason for her smile,
Tomorrow she won’t even remember me,
I guess, this is how it has to be.

After all I’ve said to her in the past,
I’m sure this goodbye will be the last.
Maybe, one day I will hear about her again
But I’m not sure if I would stop to listen.

I will walk away from her life,
I will not be the reason for her smile,
Tomorrow she won’t even remember me,
I guess, this is how it has to be.


See the second’s hand of the clock escape.
If you run after it
You will reach the edge of the cliff.
Watch it jump into its death below
And lift your gaze,
Find yourself beneath a sky
That’s free of time.
Sit there for a while,
Hear the waves passing by,
Hang on to your thoughts,
Shut your eyes,
Feel the pain of the koel that cries,
Sing with it.
Yes, for the first time
Feel free…

You’ve left your paperwork behind,
You’ve come far from the din and crying,
You’ve got nothing to worry about,
You’ve got no family to run now.
You’ve seen it all fly up high
And then come crashing to the ground
While you stood by.
Your world was a mess
But you’ve wriggled out.
Time was short
But now it’s stopped.

…All is calm,
This feels right,
This smells sweet,
The touch is cool,
It’s euphoria, bliss.
It’s empty all around,
You’ve had your last thought,
You’ve seen your last scene,
You’ve heard
And played your last tune.
This is it!
Get up now,
Spread your arms,
Loosen your wings,
Take the plunge.
Time has died,
You can fly, fly, fly!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Presuming there’s a God and he’s omnipotent, I have a few queries- does this God know what he is doing and what is going to happen to the universe in future? Does he have it all pre-planned? Considering that he is almighty, he definitely must. That would mean that everything is going on perfectly, with no change initiated by us mortals. Whatever change we do observe is taking us to the fulfillment of the purpose that God has in mind. What then is the use of praying and how then do our actions affect us! For neither is there a scope to accommodate our will nor can our actions alter the course selected by God. In fact, we do not even think for ourselves, leave alone choosing our actions! In which case, we are mere puppets in his hands. Doesn’t that make this God a control freak! Why else would he make trillions of living-beings who have no identity, who are totally powerless!

Another possibility could be that our prayers are really answered and our actions do define the future with some room for God’s will to intervene. This too leaves us with a grim picture- a God who has no idea of what he is doing! As if he is merely playing a reality-based game with our lives on the line! He might be almighty but he might have conferred us mortals with a fraction of power too. It’s like an irresponsible teenager playing the ultimate video-game where the computer has its own intelligence too but the final control lies in the remote-control held by the kid, in this case God. In this second possibility, he seems to have created trillions of intelligent beings with no idea of what to do with them!

Whether God is watching pre-recorded programs on TV or is engaged in playing video-games, what we eventually have on our hands is a Supreme being who doesn’t deserve to be so. This God is evil and not in the least acceptable!

The two possibilities stated above were based on a presumption- there is an Almighty God. Since both theories led us to bizarre conclusions, there must be a basic flaw. Now, a God who is not almighty seems highly improbable, we must conclude that there is no God at all. That would leave us with many open-end strings such as the history of the universe, the secret of Life and Death, the mechanisms of the physical world, our future, etc. But like many such questions which were finally answered in the past, maybe the future will see solutions to these puzzles too.

An exciting proposition thus arises- morals, consequences, Karma, Good and Evil, etc. have no meaning. We are just biological organisms, born to survive and multiply. There is no need to bother ourselves with how our actions affect us in the ultimate long run. For there is no God to keep a tab on our deeds and so there is no question of being rewarded in Heaven or punished in Hell. Yet, for the sake of the well-being of our own immediate future, we must be careful of what we do and say. We still have ethics and social welfare to keep in mind if we want to lead this powerful life in peace and happiness. If not God, our fellow beings and the physical world can still curb our powers.


There in the silver moon-light, full of sweet smelling memories,
I stood, with my eyes upward, on the mango tree.
I could see her creamy ball-gown from behind the moon, peeping.
And I could feel her seething anger all the way to me, reaching.

I could say from the rain-drops falling from the clear skies
That hot tears, born in her broken heart, had reached her eyes.
Somehow if I could climb up to the moon and behind,
I knew I would have the ultimate prize- she would be forever mine.

But I would have to do it with my hands clutching ice-cream and flowers
For which she would pay me back with money that was already ours.
Climbing down, with her singing on my back, would take hours.
But who ever said that such a love could be for the weak and cowards!