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Friday, March 26, 2010


See the second’s hand of the clock escape.
If you run after it
You will reach the edge of the cliff.
Watch it jump into its death below
And lift your gaze,
Find yourself beneath a sky
That’s free of time.
Sit there for a while,
Hear the waves passing by,
Hang on to your thoughts,
Shut your eyes,
Feel the pain of the koel that cries,
Sing with it.
Yes, for the first time
Feel free…

You’ve left your paperwork behind,
You’ve come far from the din and crying,
You’ve got nothing to worry about,
You’ve got no family to run now.
You’ve seen it all fly up high
And then come crashing to the ground
While you stood by.
Your world was a mess
But you’ve wriggled out.
Time was short
But now it’s stopped.

…All is calm,
This feels right,
This smells sweet,
The touch is cool,
It’s euphoria, bliss.
It’s empty all around,
You’ve had your last thought,
You’ve seen your last scene,
You’ve heard
And played your last tune.
This is it!
Get up now,
Spread your arms,
Loosen your wings,
Take the plunge.
Time has died,
You can fly, fly, fly!

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