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The Madman, "Yes, three days, three centuries, three aeons. Strange they would always weigh and measure. It is always a sundial and a pair of scales."

Friday, June 25, 2010


At the end of the day,
When the sun goes down,
I look at your beaming face,
I hear your proud eyes shout.

[I wonder if it could be different
But deep inside I know that it can’t.]

In the laughter, in the tear
In the smile, in the sneer
In your heart, in your mind
What you show, what you hide
It’s all lies, it’s all lies!
Wish you could realize…

It’s not the first time
And it will be again.
Just when the time is right,
All your elements will go insane.

[When the hour of the test at last calls,
The best one will be the first who falls.]

What the fire, what the ice
What you love, what you despise
All the good, all the bad
All you have, all you lack
It all cries, it all cries
Your failure will be a surprise!

[And when finally there’s nothing left,
Out of the nothingness will rise
The shadow of the light to come.
Everything will happen again
And again everything will be undone]

Thursday, June 10, 2010


She slipped outta her deathbed
And outta the window,
Up the street
And onto the ghostly bus
That he missed.

She gazes now
In a stare,
The lonely ride.

Games of hide-n-seek
And the broken Chinese doll
Are etched in the shallows of her mind.
Deeper wade
Betrayals, unforgivable sins
And one sea-side stroll.

Already thirst is strangling
And the heat unrelenting.
With her head in her lap,
She begins an eternity of regret.