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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Sitting beside a broken fan

He gave me a smile

The maintenance man

And I laid bare my list

Of things that needed to be fixed


Can you mend my broken heart?

Can you fix my leaking eyes?

Can you make me think straight?

Can you give me back my smile?

Can you make the world see again?

Can you replace all that I’ve lost?

Can you give my life back its shine?

Can you tell me what it will cost?

With a tilt of his head,

He smiled at me.

He wiped his hands

And then he said


What you need is to trust again.

Give up the habit of self-pity.

Look ahead and not behind.

And smiling will be ever so easy.

The world is made of people like you.

Wanting love without wanting to give.

You dull your life with yesterday’s dust.

All you need to do is forget and forgive.

I shook his hand

And turned around.

I wasn’t lost

I had just found out.

My next step was

The beginning of a new life

And I was gonna do it

With a big bright smile…


  1. :D ...the brightest smile ;)
    very interesting..

  2. ....,fell in love with the maintenance man .....

  3. THIS poem is so gay :P hey just kidding .. seems very innocently written :)