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Thursday, August 5, 2010


I’ve seen myself flowing away with her,

Playing with her, jumping with joy.

I’ve stretched my arms wide and embraced her.

I’ve soaked in her zillion drops of love.

I call her Rain.

I’ve seen her come and go.

Her absence is a melancholic lull.

She stirs my world into a wild passion.

She’s mysterious, over-whelming and unpredictable.

I call her Wind.

I can never shut her out completely,

She always finds her way into me.

Without her I’m frightened, blind and lost.

I need her to make my life bright.

I call her Light.

She’s my love, she’s my life.

She’s the reason why I’m alive.

She touched my soul and made me breathe.

She held my hand and made me see.

We parted ways and said goodbye

But she’s still with me

In the Rain, in the Wind, in the Light.

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  1. i love your Mom too...very verrry much ....and his son too...very verrry much