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The Madman, "Yes, three days, three centuries, three aeons. Strange they would always weigh and measure. It is always a sundial and a pair of scales."

Sunday, September 26, 2010


These colorful pictures in my mind
And the dull, dull stories behind;
Where do I go to clean my slate?
So I can write about the things I love
And avoid the things I hate.
I am rowing again towards where the sun sets,
Towards where the night took my light away,
Avoiding the calls and cries of my crowd
And tearful faces beneath the waves;
It was a beautiful ship,
That I stupidly hoped would never sink,
Now I see only wood that’s decayed;
What can I do but shake my head,
Look up to the sky and forget,
Spread my wings and fly away,
Fly so far away that I lose my way,
Fly to where I can be pure,
Now I understand,
I just wanna be pure.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Was it last year?
Or my last life?
Is it gonna last forever?
But forever is a lie…

We’d sing our song together
Like the woods and wind;
We’d fly away to unexplored skies together
Like the koel and spring;
Who knew,
Football in autumn was your thing!

Who ever stopped the sun from setting?
But I can keep my eyes shut when it rises again
For now the dark muffles my embarrassing sigh
And light is too blinding.

From his parched perch
He saw their lake drying up,
Drop by drop;
New falls, new springs, new rivers-
Through them all
Torturing him was the same old thirst,
It was the same old flight,
He remained the same old bird…forever;
But isn’t forever a lie?