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The Madman, "Yes, three days, three centuries, three aeons. Strange they would always weigh and measure. It is always a sundial and a pair of scales."

Monday, July 9, 2012


Thoughts of winter evenings,
Of foggy sighs rising up from the shadows
And bitter floors that bite cold feet
Snuggle their way in and remind me
That soon
It will be just as cold outside
as it is within.


If only they had been
Where I have spent
The darkest days of my golden age
They’d understand why
I chose to ride the rude waves
That take me through caves
Of unending chafing
Rather than holding the silken thread
And following its fairy trail
As it would lead me unlost
Through the cosmic maze…

Thursday, May 3, 2012


What is black
Is curdled and trapped,
Misty fumes from frothy lips
That seal florescent crap.

Fingernails are weapons
Not sharp enough,
Flesh is drug,
Ripped, rotten, steaming,

Muffled screams
Find their way out
Into an unwelcome overcrowd
As knocking irritants
Turn banging bastards.
Sniff hard
And harder,
What I found
Is stinking
And stinking harsher.

You've devoured my soul
And cleaned up the plate,
My dearie baby,
Now if I give you an ache
Am I a fucking ingrate?

Empty spaces left here for too long
Filled with dark of the night
Settled deep and beyond.
Black is too strong.
Black is the light.
Black is the new white.
Black is wrong.
Black holds my hand.
Black is too strong.
They call me black,
I am black,
I wish I was
All along.

Giggle I hear,
Kisses I see,
Scandal I know
But you're free.
I'll cover it all in black,
Inside is where it belongs,
Settled deep and beyond.

Friday, April 27, 2012

क्या है

कौन है मुसाफिर, कहाँ है मंजिल
ऐसे में रास्ते की पहचान क्या है

बहारों को ओढ़े बे-रुखी उड़ आई है
फूल बेचारा फिर बेजान क्या है

हर जीती हुई लडाई का सिला यहाँ हार है
ज़िन्दगी जीता या मरता, इंसान क्या है

ख़ुद ने ख़ुद से भी जब कर रखा है पर्दा
किसे कहें अपना, अनजान क्या है

दिल का शहर तक जब लुट चुका
फ़िर ज़मीन क्या है, आसमान क्या

जो बोलना है वही जब बोल नहीं सकते
कैसी फिर दुआ, सलाम क्या है 


Wild magnets,
Red angry bubbles,
Blinding flashes of darkness-
The world is a madman's dream.

Gusts of wind,
Holding vengeful breath,
Pick out melting candles
With dying flames.

We are treading
Treacherous terrain,
Stepping stones
Of soft engulfing mud.

The blind eye in the sky
Sees it all
And sheds profuse tears,
Life-corroding acid.

The darkness causes decay
Disgust gives wings
Hatred gives strength.
I hate so I can fly,
Fly away.


सुबह निकलता हूँ जब,
निकलता हूँ इश्क को ठोकर मार के,
मजबूरन उसकी खुली बाहों में
शाम को लौट जाने के लिए.

तेरे बिना

सुनी थी एक बार जो ग़ज़ल, गूँज रही है ज़हन में अब तक
कुछ नए बोल, छुप-छुप के पन्नो से, देखते ज़रूर हैं

इश्क का जाम पीकर अरसे से रूह प्यासी पड़ी है
बहती नदियों में कितनी ही दफा हम हाथ धोते ज़रूर हैं 

जान अटक जाती है बार-बार जा के तेरे घर की गली में
हम निकाल तो लाते हैं, फिर जियें किसके लिए, सोचते ज़रूर हैं

नींदें उड़ा के हमारी, तूने चाँद भी छुपा लिया
याद करके तुझे, रातों में अपनी, चांदनी घोलते ज़रूर हैं

चहरे तो तुझसे हसीं कई मिल जायेंगे इस भरे शहर में
तारे जलाकर आसमान में, तेरी रूह खोजते ज़रूर हैं


My thoughts,
Drunk with your memories,
Fly out
And float around,
Like clouds, in a stupor...

They dive down
When they see you,
Unabashed, shameless,
In a chaotic symphony,
Singing songs of your beauty...

So when it rains,
Don't hide...
Soak a li'l in my love.

चुन-चुन के ख़्याल, भीगे हुए तेरी याद में
पिरोये हैं मैंने बादल, प्यासे आसमान में

गरज-गरज, गरज-गरज बुला रहा है नाम तेरा
बिजलियाँ जलाये फिर रहा, बांवरा तेरी तलाश में

गुनगुना रही हैं बूँदें जो गीत, लिखा है तेरे लिए
क्या सूखा-सूखा जी रहा है, आ तर होजा मेरे प्यार में

दर्द, मेरा यार

शायरी कहलाया अगर पन्नो पर बह आया 
दर्द जो नसों में खून बना फिरता है 

रात को सपनों में ये चीखता-चिल्लाता है 
दिन में आँखों से झाँकने से भी डरता है 

तुम्हे तो हंस कर अभी यहाँ से रुखसत कर देगा
तनहाई में बैठा मुझसे जिरह करता है 

जो तुमने सुनी है वो ग़ज़ल अधूरी है 
पूरी उसे, सीने में बैठा, चुप-चाप करता है 

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Burning candles burn;
They give light to show Darkness
His way into me.


A word buried deep inside
Loses voice on its way out;
Ears made deaf by too much life
Greet it with claps and shouts.

Too many truths spewed like advice
Lie ignored, hated, despised;
Where ignorance is peace
Falsehood will suffice.

Time's healing hand pushes the blade deeper,
Hope sings the shrillest lullaby,
There is nothing scarier than sweet dreams
When you learn the truth about life.

The sun shines for those
Who have mirrors for eyes;
For some gloom fills the view
And the day is never bright.

No matter how well you play it,
Music is noise in a cacophony filled room;
It's better to remove the strings
When the instrument can't be tuned.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I knew there was a God up in the sky
The moment I laid eyes on your pretty eyes...

They pulled out and cast away all my sorrows;
My most holy saviour,
Now whenever they call, I magically follow.

They draw my gaze
Like the midnight sky drunk after monsoon rain,
Blue but gray,
Primeval but fresh.
I must try to look away
And yet...

Like a lunatic obsessed with butterflies,
My head buzzes with songs of beauty and praise.
Like a nun at the feet of a saint, looking for salvation
I'm smitten, I'm awe-struck.
Hopelessly in love,
I'm just amazed...

Just amazed at how
I could lie here forever, stoned;
But I must write this down
And make my condition known.
How your eyes have cast an intoxicating spell!
How I'm smitten, I'm thrilled!
How hopelessly in love I am,
I can't tell!

How it's driving me insane
The thought of telling you,
"You have the prettiest eyes"
Again and again,
And again...


I have decorated the door with lights, did you see?
The way is laden with strewn petals for your feet,
Every approaching noise rings my held heart beat;
I'm tad eager, waiting for you...

Songs of hope, longing, passion, loving, I'm humming
Every second thought warns of a disaster coming
I can see you walk away, my cold floor angrily drumming.
I'm wee bit nervous, waiting for you...

Are my hopes too high for the evil grasp of fate to reach?
Is this the day when you and I, together we finally defeat
The forces of doom that play me, pull me down from beneath?
My joy is unhindered, waiting for you...

I have waited for ages now, second after painful second to see
To see if my hopes trump what I've learned thus far in my story
That nothing hurts more than beautiful, crazy, stupid dreams.
Once again I hoped for unattainable joys meant not for me
Once again I slipped from this high cliff that feeds the anonymous sea
But this time I didn't lose you; this time it's me.
This time it's killed me- waiting for you.


As I sit here
And pour my gaze
Into those sea blue eyes,
I sense the vocabulary
From my stream of thoughts
Drying up.
Left flowing around are
Pure euphoric feelings
And wild emotions,
Jumping, falling, rolling,
Filling my imagination
With a blissful chaos
Like dolphins performing their dance of joy
In the Pacific sun.

Don't turn away from me your eyes;
They are now
The source of renewed life
For my parched soul.
They are the 'saaqi'
Filling my cup
With sweet, inebriating nectar.

Oh, exotic addiction!
Your eyes will be my undoing.


Verses I weave- applauded.
For want of your nod.


Half awake images flash by,
When the sunlight knocks on my bed
To stir my mind in sleep,
Of snowflakes melting in my hair,
Of sea surf kissing my feet,
Of kids laughing uncontrollably,
Of horizons where sands and sky meet,
Of baby bears tumbling after their mummy,
Of drops of dew sparkling preciously...

And my first thought is of you
And how you made me feel;
That feeling I would welcome again;
But you?
Not really!


The night is past,
Passed in your thought;
Now as this vermillion Sun rises
And my own violet consciousness sets,
I wish,
The wonders that are about to flood my dreams
May fill your days too.


I pull
And drag the smoke inside,
Look at all these lives
And realise
Why every baby
When comes here, cries.

Another drag
And I say to myself
What the hell!
Babies cry because that's what they do.


Thoughts come
In the nook of my conscious,
Not long enough


Two streams of water...
...And one of wine...
Floating with clouds.
...Quench my poetry-thirst.


...Or not;
I cannot stop asking.
I cannot.

What must I pass
to pass?-

My mind is a bird
That beats and beats
That will not reach stars.

After hours of reminiscing
In the corner,
It jumps up
And begins to dig
...And dig
To find
And more sand.
So to its corner it returns
And reminisces some more.
Then gets up
And fills the hole.
Only to dig it
Once more.
What was before?
What comes after?
What is now?
...Or not;
I cannot stop asking.
I cannot!

Life is too long
Death is too far.
I am too curious.


Lightning struck
The Eden of my dreams.
My world burned
In Infernal fury,
Leaving behind
A cold desert
Filled with
Dark sooty
Where my Spirit roams,
Beyond repair.


They call me,
"Tomorrow will be a long day."

I must catch some sleep
But the night enchants me.

The song of the moon I hear
Like her cool voice was-
Magical light all around me.
The wind blowing in gusts
Like her passionate eyes blinked-
Blowing me away.
Every street flooded with dreams
Like her hopes for tomorrow-
Tugging at my feet.
The darkness quietly engulfing everything
Like her arms embraced me.
Holding my soul in peace.

"Tomorrow will be a long day."
To make it through
I must see her tonight.
So I let the night take me
It is all I have left of her.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Black tattoo on body of gold,
Horns like warrior swords,
Gentle demeanour,
Gentler eyes...

The tigress draws back
Then strikes.


The wishing well
Sat proudly on top of the hill,
Wearing veins of emarald weed and cement ring,
Flaunted stately bricks adorned with pashmina moss
And offered algae flavored water to drink;
Lush lay the carpet of grass for those visiting
And courtly branches for the chirping courtesans to sit in.

She was beautiful,
A vain god
And why not?
She made wishes come true
With just a penny or two!

Puffing like a rusty steam engine,
I entered her scented abode,
Bowed my allegiance,
Flattered her court,
Dropped my coin,
Made my wish
And back to my rot i strode.
"Good luck with turning my luck",
I said,
"You misleading whore!"


At dawn,
The sun shall shower upon you
What I feel for you tonight.


A step
And back;
Maybe tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


A little more and it'll be done,
A little more and I'll have learned,
Thus to myself I lie.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Incomplete endings slither in
and entangle new beginnings in loose ends;
The tussle between past and present causes a dead stillness,
a nothingness
that devours every bit of light
coming in from the future;
Its a muffled world
where the shrillest desperate yell is gagged
and stuffed down one's throat
until every pore of the body oozes bloody rage
and panic overshadows imagination;
The only feeling left alive is pain
as the soul is dragged against piercing shards
of stone hard disillusionment.