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Monday, March 26, 2012


I knew there was a God up in the sky
The moment I laid eyes on your pretty eyes...

They pulled out and cast away all my sorrows;
My most holy saviour,
Now whenever they call, I magically follow.

They draw my gaze
Like the midnight sky drunk after monsoon rain,
Blue but gray,
Primeval but fresh.
I must try to look away
And yet...

Like a lunatic obsessed with butterflies,
My head buzzes with songs of beauty and praise.
Like a nun at the feet of a saint, looking for salvation
I'm smitten, I'm awe-struck.
Hopelessly in love,
I'm just amazed...

Just amazed at how
I could lie here forever, stoned;
But I must write this down
And make my condition known.
How your eyes have cast an intoxicating spell!
How I'm smitten, I'm thrilled!
How hopelessly in love I am,
I can't tell!

How it's driving me insane
The thought of telling you,
"You have the prettiest eyes"
Again and again,
And again...

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