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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


My dear,
I’m writing to say that I was thinking of you
Of that night,
Do you remember?
The one with the yellow moon behind thin white clouds like caressing fingers
And the sky like a silken neck showing off its favorite stone?
You softly woke and lifted your sleep heavy eyelids
And turned to me and smiled
And there they were,
Adding magic to moonlight,
The pathways to my home,
Your eyes.
Do you remember?
But you know there was no such night
And that I’ve been dreaming
And you also know that I love you
And I know it too.

That is all I will ever have
Softly playing in the background like a song
Like loneliness
It will always be there
Looking out my window, calling me
Pulling me away from it all
Drawing me out at night
It will be there in the walks I take
Through empty streets that breathe evenly as the city sleeps
And I will have only this
Not on my mind, not in my heart
But on my lips, silent, still
In my ears whispering suddenly, barely loud enough
In the unevenness of the steps I take
In the wind brushing against my face in gusts
In the tired blink of my eyes
Holding my hand when I stop
Gazing up at the smiling moon
It will be there looking at me, smiling goodbye
Standing in the yellow light of the streetlamp at the next turning
The one I turn back from;

But I will never know all this
And I will never know you anymore
Because you are not here
Because you will never be
Because I have no memory of the day you were
My dear, while this is for you
It is not from me
It cannot be.
Yours forever,


  1. How lonely the heart is, without the loved one ~ A lovely share ~ Thanks for your visit in my blog ~

  2. What a beautiful love poem. Such longing and dreaming. :)