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The Madman, "Yes, three days, three centuries, three aeons. Strange they would always weigh and measure. It is always a sundial and a pair of scales."

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Where the heart grew
Bursting forth amidst the eager Newness
At a time when possiblities
Were wild-with-joy baby palms
Colouring the fresh whitewash beautiful,
I now stand and gaze
Grappling with the vastness of Fullness
That emerges
When there is no Colour left to add,
When every thing that was there to be
Has Become.

All eventualities culminate in
A single Possibility-
To begin anew
Another quote of white to fill colour in,
To give life to a new heart,
A new Turn in the Wheel of genesis.

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  1. I imagined that life was a coloring book when I read this poem. Kind of leaves someone curious as to what colors a person would like to fill their world with.