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The Madman, "Yes, three days, three centuries, three aeons. Strange they would always weigh and measure. It is always a sundial and a pair of scales."

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


It was a momentary blue of the eyes
Just a wave that crashed
& crushed in a second,
A second was all it took
To see the cold
Reflected in the raging pit of fire,
Tell me, were you there too
When I saw it in your eyes?


A dull monotone
Relentlessly presses under my consciousness,
I can smell a memory on my skin
The air is full of you today, again
Again, life seems shrunk to epic scale. 
Legends wait ages to be built,
Only ageless, unfinished love finds its way into stories
Truth becomes myth when it remains unattained

Time has dangled
In front of my face,
Settling score
Redoing the wastage that I began.
Unheedingly, idly gazing at the beyond
I have returned the favour.
Who will win?

Who bats for victory?
We can get by,
Losing all the way to the final Nothing.
I’ll pick up a cynical smile on my way there
To be obvious.
They should know it’s me
Or I may win
& if I do
Game’s not over.


It was never meant to last.
When your eyes turned away
They were never meant to look back.
Only a quivering perfume lingered,
Only a sigh remains that longs for warmth
Only an untraveled distance.
Many lifetimes
Of waiting, that is Time’s own now.
I knew it was always meant to last.


  1. Its nice to know that someone can make it work out in the end despite the differences each other may have.

  2. I can smell a memory on my skin. What a line, and then the last stanza, from it was never meant to last to 'I knew it was always meant to last'! Unexpected but perfect!