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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Courage is hard to find in
Silent, cramped corners.
When Light can’t find its way in,
How will it find its way out?
And the fool cries, devastated,
From the pain of what he has become,
Unable to fathom the depth of his grim ambition.
Darkness crushes his horizon into curdled creepiness
And twists the sky into labyrinths that
Fill his view with foul fumes of confounding finality.

In the end nothing was supposed to amount to anything
But the end is still a faraway chance
And nothingness is right here,
Seeping into everything everywhere.

Yet courage hides its cowardly face when
It must come rushing in like a tidal wave
And blow away layers of lulled emptiness
For courage is hard to find in
Silent, cramped corners like
His heart, that doesn’t really beat anymore.

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  1. I am the fool. The heart beats and it does not beat. Courage merges with fear, one defeating the other, one diminishing the other. And by this time of the day or night I must say, the heart and the mind are filled with that tiredness of the battle. I wonder who will win in the end.. Nothingness or me