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Monday, July 6, 2015


Reason had its place as one of my dimensions
Till Perspective revealed its malignancy. 
With the plane that closed the Matrix gone,
The world bound inside exploded its way to unconditional freedom
And all the infinite faces of Reality became immediately clear.
When all that could be seen merged into the seer,
Seeing became Making.
Every single thought became all of Creation.
Unity tore away the mask of Separation it wore
And came out shining as the unblemished Truth that it was.

Lo! The Maker was also the Material he used
To become that which he Made!
The everlasting crescendo of Eternity pushes each instant beyond expiry,
And when Life is seen sliding down that black hole where it identifies itself with Death,
Immortality is found in that Singularity,
Right where it never was and always will be!

So, can you now understand when I say that-
You can step out of yourself at any moment, dispelling reason,
And become everything at once,
Be everywhere at all times,
Become worship, the worshiper and the worshiped one,
Become the garden, the gardener and everything that grows,
Feed on death and become Life itself
Just as Death feeds on life as long as You remain you?

Here is an opportunity to see Light being born,
To see that darkness is its birthplace.
If only you can look away from the distorted glare that is your Reason
And accept how afraid you are of the Dark,
You will step over Fear
And take your first peek into the illuminating Beyond.


  1. Yes, we can only really live life, if we embrace it all, including shadows and death. But my mind tends to hover, tilt forward then slide back, with glimpses of the beyond, and all that ever was, but settle in one place? accept it all? no, cannot bring myself there...
    Got me thinking you have.

    1. I aspire for a state of being where motion and stillness can both be transcended. The sages taught that only by being absolutely still could one move fast enough to reach the farthest boundaries of the universe. Only when we truly stop looking can we see everything all at once. I see that paradoxes are what make everything possible. Basic biology teaches us that our building blocks keep differentiating and integrating at the same time resulting in growth. That means our very existence is based on contradictory forces acting together. So, how can i seek to be on any one path? Neither do i want to settle in one place nor do i want constant change in state, and yet i want both at once!
      The Upanishads ask us to strive towards a state where the mind can be seen for what it really is- a box that imposes our boundaries. It asks us to go beyond it and meet our ultimate self.
      It sounds like one hell of an adventure and i mean to see it through! You're invited too :)

  2. You are. You ain't. Yet in the highest form of being.
    Clarity that calls for confusion. And the confusion so clear.

    "Become worship, the worshiper and the worshiped one,
    Become the garden, the gardener and everything that grows,
    Feed on death and become Life itself
    Just as Death feeds on life as long as You remain you?"

    These lines call me the most. I hope its alright to be called by them.
    Beguiling it is how You can scale the magnanimity of the universe by the expanse of Your thoughtlessness. Beautiful craft You have here. This piece :)


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words :)

  3. Fascinating. I like the pushes of the rhythm you give scattered throughout. I could hear it read.
    I replied to you at my place, because your comment was insightful and challenging in a good way. And you touch on it here, so let me sum it up.

    Where does freedom end? Does it end where it impinges on the freedom of another? and if so, is that not a condition? If we all acted in unconditional freedom, would it not descend into wanton chaos?

    I think even reason has its purpose - and perhaps it is to counter those desires that would lead us to that chaos.

    To step out of myself and be everything at once. What a cool feeling. And on some level I understand it, if only through the possibilities that are there when we let go of the self that has been dictated by others and the world around us. Expectation is dangerous stuff.

    (Back to your comment to me) As to our enemies, who defines them? the government? our beliefs? our family? do we define our own? If so, why? I think we have to strive to understand the why of most things. Particularly what we do or believe.

    You got me really thinking today - of that I am appreciative.

    1. I don't really understand the technicalities of poetry. I just pen down whatever urges its way out of me. So, i must thank you for saying that you could hear it read- it made my day! :)

      When i talk of freedom here, i don't mean to limit it at all. To talk of freedom along with conditions to put on it, i think, is hypocrisy. I don't see degrees in freedom, either it's there or it isn't. I could never get how freedom can of be OF or FROM something. For me freedom is freedom, period. Man in his misplaced sense of superiority dares to impose rules and seeks to fight chaos, but the elements show us that forces of nature ultimately come together in chaos to produce a perfect symphony! Balance will restore itself, no matter what. We may find it in static or dynamic form but equilibrium will assert itself. Man may pretend to be separate from nature, but he's just kidding himself. He lives behind a wall of ego but the same forces of nature that are "out there" are also "in here". And when those forces encounter this wall they try to demolish it to restore balance and man's senses and reason mislead him into believing that the world is out to get him. So, unconditional freedom means knocking down even the last of those walls- that is, our primal fears for survival. Mystics and sages who Realised this, spent their lives living in jungles and mountains and deserts and still managed not only to thrive but also to spread this message around the world. Their message found its way through all that chaos to reach us even thousands of years later. That's why i don't want to be scared of that chaos anymore, i'm waiting for the overarching symphony to dawn on me. I've come to see that as long we let our senses and reason blind us we will continue to experience suffering, our desires will remain insatiable and strife will be a constant companion. Having said that, all this strife and suffering may also be the path we must cover in order to reach redemption...as individuals as well as a species.

      You are right, expectation leads to disappointment but i don't fear it anymore.

      As for our definition of enemies, i'll quote the reply i posted at your place:
      I think "why" is the proverbial rabbit hole that remains ever unanswered but on the surface of it, i think our definitions are based on a mix of all these things you mentioned. And now with the internet, information and points of view that were previously hidden from us can be accessed. I have found that if only we listen patiently, every perspective can be convincing. With more and more people doing that there won't be enemies, may be? "I have a dream..." :)

      This thinking and appreciating cycle began with your lovely poem, so i'm the one who should thank you :)
      i hope these longish rants of mine are not putting you off. It so happens that i have no one here to discuss this stuff with, so i find people on the net and pick their brains! :D

    2. Not at all. I find this topic quite fascinating as the last several months have been my own struggle with re-defining my self. I guess you could say, most of my life has been.
      There is much I agree with in this. So agree with living behind the wall of ego.

      I am going to jump to where my thoughts run different here, because I have to be in the car in 10 minutes. Ha.

      Unconditional freedom is hard for me to fathom. Let me play it out in an example, which may seem extreme, but I think it breaks down. Take for instance "Murder"...does my freedom to kill impinge on the freedom of the victim? We could go less extreme as well, say freedom to speed - but what if it runs someone off the road. Or the freedom of speech, what happens when it becomes abusive. If I have ultimate freedom without condition, I can do anything I want to appease my own desires.

      Perhaps it is in how we define freedom, but if we define freedom are we not putting conditions on it?

      What if that suffering though is leading us somewhere? What if there is even reason in suffering? Would we really want a world without pain? Can we deny one sense and still appreciate another?

      Enemies, I think we could grow beyond - to an extent. I wonder if there will not always be someone that is to the extreme. Say a Hitler, or Pol Pot, that seeks to destroy, or is consumed by their own selfish whims. This is what I am afraid our society is coming to all the more when we see all the selfish deisres.

      Be back this afternoon to catch up, as I am intrigued to your answers.

    3. Nobody could deny what you are saying. And honestly, my mind isn't made up either about anything. I'm still trying to figure it out for myself. So here goes...

      Yes, we would see the kind of crime you're talking about. But don't we see crime today too? May be you live in a safer neighbourhood, but if we were to look at the larger picture would we find the picture rosy? Your poem 'Language//Rights' brings that out, doesn't it? Entire nations that make sure their populations stay safe are accused of rampant mass murder in other parts of the world! What are we lashing out at with this show of violence? We take pride in being reasonable, but where is the rationality in "eye for an eye"? How have our efforts made the world a better place? May be we are subconsciously calling out for a change in course. May be we are rebelling against the chains binding our spirit.

      It is rare to find a wild animal depressed in the wilderness, but in cages where they are safe, well fed and out of danger, it's a common sight. Are we trapping ourselves in similar cages, only invisible?

      The instincts that we suppress so brutally could be our spirit asking us to do the right thing! The way i imagine it, unconditional freedom (i.e. a state of being where even our primal fears are behind us) would lead to the freedom of spirit. It would cause us to become one with nature, to move beyond desires and senses. Once that is achieved, there would be an overarching harmony.

      But when you bring up the point that suffering has its functions too, i totally accept that. These boundaries & rules provide us room to think beyond food and sex, cause us to think about spiritual freedom too. Otherwise we would have to dedicate all our time hunting our next meal, just like other animals. So, may be this is another step forward in evolution. We now aim for spiritual freedom, the idea of which probably never crosses lesser minds. The internal suffering and external strife our intelligence makes us see, provides us with motive to look beyond and aim for higher worlds.

      Having said that, it might just be the time to take that next leap, to start moving towards giving ourselves unconditional freedom...to trust ourselves and our world. From there the next step will be clearer. Going down this road, the mystics and sages promise higher dimensions where we are free of bonds of identity, family, desires, suffering/happiness...a state of being where we go back to the source of everything, i.e. pure consciousness (or God, if you will).

      I don't know your spiritual background, and i know this may all seem like nonsense to you because it surely does to my rational and educated half... but when i ask myself the most fundamental existential questions i feel i can get the answers only when i can look at it from beyond my own identity, from a perspective that crosses boundaries of species and planets.

      Of course i don't think there is any right way or wrong way. Whatever is, is . Everything's the way it should be. I'm just part of the traffic and no matter how much i honk, it will move when it will move. Everyone and everything is doing and thinking exactly what they should, and that includes you, me and your pet (even Hitler, may be?)

    4. Intriguing. I can not argue with the caged animal. I think we have made gilded cages of many of our modern conveniences - which had led to depression and many other mental illnesses. Not that alone but I think it is def a contributing factor. The materialistic nature of our world. I wonder how many would survive in a world without those conveniences. (beside the point, I know). I def think moving beyond our deisres woulf not be a bad thing as well. Another commentor brought up that perspective in that maybe we have gone backward to those base desires - which is why we see such selfishness.And I can see the harmony that would come from it.

      I will think on this some more and maybe pop back in later. Appreciate the thought burning.

  4. Many thanks for such an incredibly thought-provoking post.
    These words will stay in my mind for a long time...

    Have a great day.:)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! You have a great day too :)