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The Madman, "Yes, three days, three centuries, three aeons. Strange they would always weigh and measure. It is always a sundial and a pair of scales."

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Iss raat sannaata gali-gali mein
Andhera odhe yoon bharaa baitha hai
Jaise ghaat lagaye intezaar kar rha ho,
Aur subah ki pehli aahat sunte hi
Kood padega aur jaagte aasmaan ka gala ghot ke
Ujaale ki hatyaa kar dega.
Aise mein saamne wale lamp post ki peeli, gandhli roshni me baitha
Boodha, sookhe gaalon wala darbaan
Baar -baar seeti baja ke, sannaate ko cheerta hua,
Meri kacchi neend tod deta hai.
Gussa to bohot aata h mujhe
Par phir sochta hoon ki
Saari dharti ko khooni sannaate se bachaane ka bojh
Iss oonghte, beedi phookte, gareeb sipaahi ke kandho pe hi to hai.

Monday, August 10, 2015


तेरी तराशी हुई मिट्टी की इस दुनिया में
ख़्वाब साबित करने पड़ते हैं
पूरे नहीं होते

यहाँ जज़्बात आज़ाद उड़ते नहीं
चहरे पहने दीवारों के पीछे टिके रहते हैं

गीत आवाज़ों और ख़्यालों मे उलझे हुए हैं
मस्ती मे गूँजते नहीं

इरादे नीयमों और मजबूरीयों में क़ैद हैं
वरना तेरी क़ायनात सारी ख़ुशबू से भरी होती

तेरे ख़्वाबों की इस दुनिया मे ख़्वाबों का ही मोल नहीं
यहाँ ख्वाबों के उजालों को
क़िस्से-कहानियों मे बंद कर के बुझा दिया जाता है

तू ने बड़े शौक़ से बनाई थी ये दुनिया
ग़ौर कर और बता
शौक़ पूरा हुआ?

[ "...ख़्वाब साबित करने पड़ते हैं..." गुलज़ार की कविता “अगर ऐसा भी हो सकता” (रात पश्मीने की) की आख़री लाइन है ]


Milky moonlight flowed down like a dream
And draped the cool, velvet blackness of the night
In a warm cocoon of longing,
Every breath was a sip of wine
Every sigh a delicious torment,
The thirsty touch of the dew
Covering the hill where I sat
Dripped into my soul
Like the memory of your perfume,
There was music in the background
As the rustling leaves of the crowding trees
Laughed at my enamoured plight,
While the song dancing in my heart
Rose and filled the sky with love’s loneliness,
And I knew from the smile filling my thoughts
And the tear sweetly staining my cheek
That it would last forever.

Saturday, August 8, 2015




For several long moments
After you made the turn and disappeared out of sight,
I stood there
Looking at the emptiness you had left behind.
Instants ago all the world was alive
And now there was nothing, not even the thoughts in my mind.
I felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff
Over a silent black sea
On a moonless, starless night,
The hungry, gaping vacuum of the vast sky
Eating away at the light in my eyes.
I tried to look away but I was weak,
Powerless before the monstrosity of the moment.
It felt like being on the cusp from where eternity would change its course
And for the first time
Begin taking the world towards an end
Where all would be forever frozen into yesterday's twisted reflection,
Like all sorrow finds home in a madman's smile.
And that’s where I’ve been since then,
Fixed forever at a point,
Where everything that was beautiful, crashed suddenly
Into a never-ending contemplation of disaster and ruin.
And that’s where I am now,
Still hating the idea of a life without you
Still in love with the memories of you and i.
And that’s where I will be stuck,
Where you had just told me that it was the end
And I hadn’t even begun saying goodbye.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


The fire burns,

Don’t be mistaken.

It’s a violent flame under a crimson sky,

A secret, shamelessly veiled and crying.

Raging rivers of boiling tears roll recklessly in hiding,

Blackness stuffs screams desperately, fumbling,

But rips at the seams

Letting a shrill, staring brightness loose in the eyes.

Rising thunder rumbles threateningly to the surface

As shadows of forgotten silhouettes

Flit across the wall of memory.

There’s a crippling compulsion to strangle voices

That echo in a hollow soul,

Undying unsuppressed unrelenting.

Knees suffer jeering bruises

From wretched hypocritical praying,

Obvious answers to questions unasked

Conspicuous, beneath layers of denial and lying.

There’s a way out,


There has to be a way out,

A way to end it

To cheat destiny,

A way to take a last insufferable breath

And then walk away and leave it all behind finally.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I see myself
In a meadow far away
On the foot of a green hill somewhere,
Lying in the shadow of a tree
That reminds me of my grandfather and his plump belly.
The breeze was gentle, blowing in polite gusts,
Singing a perfumed duet
With the sparkling stream that brought water pure and sweet.

I had a half-eaten apple in my hand and a smile on my mind
And i was staring contently into the vastness of the blue sky
When an eagle glided absentmindedly into view
And swirled to the peak of a massive body of dense white clouds.

My heart leapt
And my mind rushed
As I saw the bird tugging itself to greater height,
I threw away the apple and ran
First downhill and then up again,
Arms outstretched.

The breeze picked up too and became gushing wind,
The stream sang out louder as it saw me grow wings 
And fly past the tree and over the hill.

The blue sky pulled me up and the clouds clapped,
The eagle rushed towards me with fierce speed
And I towards it.

We spiraled upwards as a pair of free birds,
Fast, light and unbound,
Until we became one
In soul and unabashed glory
And flew and flew and flew
Till there was no more sky,
No more earth
No more me,
Just a vision from a dream,
A vivid memory
Of what is to be.