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Saturday, August 8, 2015


For several long moments
After you made the turn and disappeared out of sight,
I stood there
Looking at the emptiness you had left behind.
Instants ago all the world was alive
And now there was nothing, not even the thoughts in my mind.
I felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff
Over a silent black sea
On a moonless, starless night,
The hungry, gaping vacuum of the vast sky
Eating away at the light in my eyes.
I tried to look away but I was weak,
Powerless before the monstrosity of the moment.
It felt like being on the cusp from where eternity would change its course
And for the first time
Begin taking the world towards an end
Where all would be forever frozen into yesterday's twisted reflection,
Like all sorrow finds home in a madman's smile.
And that’s where I’ve been since then,
Fixed forever at a point,
Where everything that was beautiful, crashed suddenly
Into a never-ending contemplation of disaster and ruin.
And that’s where I am now,
Still hating the idea of a life without you
Still in love with the memories of you and i.
And that’s where I will be stuck,
Where you had just told me that it was the end
And I hadn’t even begun saying goodbye.

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