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The Madman, "Yes, three days, three centuries, three aeons. Strange they would always weigh and measure. It is always a sundial and a pair of scales."

Friday, September 18, 2015


Out of nowhere, a shrill current zaps a sepia inflicted Today that's stopped in silence,
Causing a subtle flash of awakening
That feels like a glitch that slipped through suspended Eternity.

A moment is born in this hostile Stillness,
As if Time were resuscitated temporarily.

All imprints that were gathered along the expanding axis of Forever glow forth
And Revelation reigns in the short lifetime of that tiny moment.
All the spectral edges come alive together to die with the moment,
Converging at a sudden point of clear whiteness,
Leaving behind an evanescent Quiver
That finds preservation in the silent Stillness that takes over again
Like the memory of one summer evening
Frozen in the blank stare of a last winter.

But in that flickering instant Eternity breathes,
Even if just a stillborn breath
And somewhere a lone Lotus bud blooms bright
In a black pool of sleeping senses.
Dawn seeps through slightly along a distant rim
Forming an elusive horizon,
And Darkness knows in its tarred heart,
It will forever be a defeated tyrant who never loses a battle.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


As if the sun suddenly died
And the world stayed,
Withering away, one flake at a time.

Dragon sized drone-flies wearing cheap butterfly-print wings
Hover overhead
Against a pixelated magenta sky,
A has-been sky that weeps polluted colors
Like the broken screen of a digital toy from a failed future.

A prostitute earth, pregnant with cancerous maggots,
Unleashes periodic heaves of deranged sighs,
Strangled sighs that reek of a stagnated sense of time
And reveal the impotency of immunity-deficient morals.

The last of the Grand-thoughts to walk the surface
Fell from potential pride
And now lie in rusted dementia-dust, staring blankly
Only stirring imperceptibly, not singing anymore,
Easy pickings for the feasting dragon-fly drones.

Through rocky veins,
Hollow as empty promises,
That were once solid foundations for arrogant civilizations
Seeps tear-water from the mourning seas that bring with them
Washed up waves that were once used to weeping with wild joy
And now join a perennially putrid wind in indefinite silence
That grows and grows.

In the middle of it a lone monotone lingers,
Remembrance humming its sweet song
Since its gentle birth from the subtle vibration of the very first motion,
Its reverberation woven forever in the fabric of the universe,
Frozen in freshness in a vastness of ruined remnants.