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The Madman, "Yes, three days, three centuries, three aeons. Strange they would always weigh and measure. It is always a sundial and a pair of scales."

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Shut sunned eyes see
Seas of diluted blood red

Peeling layers
Discarded sanity

Brain waves dissolve
Into sublime surreal smoke

Smiles freeze
Underskin stillness creeps

The mantra echoes in the hollow

Wings rise
The soul flies

Soundlessness follows

And I laugh
And I laugh


As they peer into the Deep within,
Stretch their mind,
Creeping closer to breaching
The surface of the soul,
They fly further from the domain of man.

And they come back,

Dirty and dreamy,
For disturbing humanity in its stupor
As our collective Conscious suffers waves
That reach new shores.
We hate them for giving us a peek
Into new unknowns.

They’re scouts of our colony
Who step into the wilderness of the Spirit,
Rangers that break boundaries and set new limits.
They scare us
For they do what is unthinkable to us,
They hold still
They listen
They do not reason
Or stop at tradition
They stare down the looming horizon
And set out into the beyond
Towards seeming oblivion
And breathe life
While we grumble and follow.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


And the moon shown
With a light of its own
You were standing in its shadow,
Nothing green grows
There’s no music anymore
A silence sleeps here darkly snoring,
A tiny nodal spark
Carries on the torch
I’m lost inside my heavy head,
And your sweet perfume
Soothes every feisty fume
And I will never again need to get up.

Friday, November 13, 2015


घंटों ख़ुद पे हँसता रहता हूँ मैं
कोई पूछता है क्या सोच रहा हूँ
तो कुछ कह भी नहीं सकता हूँ

नीले उजाले की एक नदी
नसों मे बह रही है
उसमे उठते-फटते बुलबुलों से जगमग है
मस्तिष्क मे बसा मंदिर
उस मंदिर मे बैठा मैं पुजारी हूँ
पूजा मेरी हो रही है
आँखों के रास्ते आकाश मे फैलती है नीली नदी
उससे रौशन सारी कायनात हो रही है
जिस अंतरिक्ष को ख़ुद रौशन किया
जब झाँकती हैं उसमे आँखें
तो लगता है उसकी काली कोख मे
सारी रौशनी सदियों से सो रही है

पर बंद आंखों से मैंने देखा है ये
उस नदी मे बहता रौशनी का छोटा-सा क़तरा हूँ मैं
उस मे घुल के एक हो जाते हैं संसार के सारे फ़र्क
हर सतह समान हो जाती है
एक चमक रह जाती है बस

कात के उस चमक को समय के चरखे पर
अंधेरे के काले धागे बनाए हैं मैंने
जिससे बुना है सारा संसार फिर से एक बार
इस ही उधेड़-बुन मे लगा देख के
हँसता है संसार मुझ पे
और उसकी हंसी सुन के
मैं ख़ुद पे

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


A gray fog lifts itself gently
As smoke-filled imaginations take flight,
The blueness of the autumn chill fills a hungry breath
And it’s a bright day in the land of cold sighs.

Eyelids flutter suddenly, out of habit
As the presence of a familiar memory returns.
A golden sun lays its warm arm across my tired back
And a whiff of cool wind rushes to catch up like an old friend.
I realize, some things never leave your side,
Repaid only in the silence of gratitude.

I spent a whole younger self trying to grow wings,
Then realized how limitless the sky really was
And that no wings were needed to fly.
Having flown higher than any cloud ever did
I saw that the horizon stretches till inside me,
That I am a drop floating in a formless sky
And its freeing emptiness is what fills me to the seam.

The beauty that remains hidden
In unanswered love, lost dreams and frustrated fantasies,
When it dawns, fills the mind like a clear full moon
And life suddenly seems perfect,
Like a work of art when it’s finally complete.


We nest in perfect love,
Free of bonds that tie us to each other.
This is our story,
Yours and mine
And everybody else’s.

In the beginning only we were
And then in the end,
When we step from becoming into being,
Only we will be.
All through it, everybody is us.

We keep running
Away from and past each other,
An illusory oscillation
That starts time’s tick,
Securing equilibrium-
Elusive, incomprehensible stability
That weaves itself into a state of more obvious dynamism
To give cause for the sudden appearance of
A dimension or three,
To which they finally say,
“So it began.”

So it is
And so it shall be.

A spiral that returns to its source,
Every moment, every speck,
Every season, every sea,
Everything is only what we made it out to be.
We came from us,
It’s there in every cycle, in every pattern.
In every symmetry,
It’s there for us to see.
We make up everybody,
Everybody part of a single being.
No matter how far we may seem,
I know,
I was born in you
And you in me.